Great product photos will help lead to great sales! There are many ways to get great product photos, from a professional photographer to mobile apps that do the work for you. In this post we’ll detail the app that we think is best for product photos in 2021.

Regardless of which app you use, it’s best to understand how to take great photos before you even use the app. Here’s a post we wrote on the best practices when adding a product that has tips on creating great product photos. Read the article and watch the short video to get a solid foundation before you start adding products and images to your store.

Once you have taken your great photos we recommend using the PhotoRoom app to change the background and clean up the images. The great thing about the PhotoRoom app is that the free features are great enough to get started and have the types of images that you want. You can always upgrade to the premium package to get extra features which you should do if you find the app helping you get sales with your great photos.

You can learn more about the PhotoRoom app by going to

Once you dowload the app, play around and find backgrounds that show off your products really well and highlight your products. You can choose to keep consistent with your background, or you can choose a variety of backgrounds so that you have some contrast in your store photos. We recommend trying out both options.

One suggestion is to have different backgrounds for each product category or product attributes so that it’s easy for your customers to quickly understand what they are looking for.

*This is an independent review of PhotoRoom and Cartisan has no affiliation with PhotoRoom


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