We’ve made it a priority to make it really easy to add products to Cartisan and to add on to that, here are some best practices when adding your products.

  1. Good pictures: Cartisan is built to be a visual shopping experience so it’s best to have visually appealing product images. Here’s a good blog post that can teach you how to create great photos with your smartphone. If you prefer to learn by video, here’s a good video to teach you the same.
  2. Detailed Descriptions: The second key to selling more products is to write detailed descriptions for each product. The reason for this is that the more information that you have the more likely you will show up in the search results for people looking for products like yours.

    When adding a description, make sure you make note of key things like colors, style, sizes, designs, and other attributes that you think people will search for. You don’t need to write long and windy product descriptions, but you should should be clear and detailed.
  3. Hashtags: Hashtags (or words and phrases following a # sign), can be a great way to summarize attributes in your product description. Don’t be afraid to use them to help boost your products in the search.

That’s it! Simple right?

Use those 3 simple steps to make sure you maximize your sales on Cartisan.


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