Etsy is a great marketplace for people that make handcrafted goods and other DIY sellers. They have been around since 2005 and have built out a large network of sellers and buyers. When people hear about Cartisan, they often ask, “how is Cartisan different than Etsy?” That’s a great question that will be answered in this post.

Etsy started back before smartphones became the main device that we use daily. As a result, it is very browser focused and isn’t mobile first. This is one of the first things that differentiates Cartisan and Etsy. Cartisan was built as a mobile first application and makes it really easy create and manage your store directly from your smartphone. Did you know that more than 50% off traffic on the internet from smartphones?

When creating a store on Cartisan, there are no listing fees. Cartisan just charges a small commission fee per sale. So you only get charged if you make a sale. With Etsy, you have to pay a small fee to list your item and that fee gets charged whether you sell an item or not.

The main thing that separates Etsy from Cartisan is that Etsy is purely focused on handmade crafts whereas Cartisan is a marketplace that is open to all types of products. That means that if you sell non-craft products like video games, auto parts, sporting goods, etc, then Etsy isn’t going to be a good fit for you because the customer base isn’t there to buy those types of goods. If you are selling craft types of products, it’s worth selling on BOTH Cartisan and Etsy as it will give you maximum exposure to potential customers.

In summary, the difference between the two platforms are as follows;

  1. Cartisan is easier to use
  2. Cartisan allows all types of products
  3. Cartisan doesn’t charge fees to list

What are you waiting for? Be the next great entrepreneur and download Cartisan today!

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