There are many ways to sell things online, from really easy to use solutions to very difficult solutions. Simple solutions give you the ability to just create an account and add your products and a bit of data about them and the solution handles everything you need. More difficult solutions will require you to design your store, add your products, manage payments, manage shipping and much more.

When choosing the solution to sell your products online you need to determine what you need to accomplish your goals. Maybe you need a simple solution that allows you to get online quickly and has a simple set of features that will do what you need. Maybe you need a feature rich solution that has the ability to customize every detail of the solution. Only you will know which solution is right for you based on your requirements.

So, how do you create an online store?

  1. Determine what your goals are for your store
    • How quickly do you need to get your store online?
    • How many different products will you be selling?
    • What are your sales goals over the next 5 years?
  2. Figure out your marketing strategy
    • Do you have the knowledge or current traction to drive traffic to a standalone website?
    • Will you benefit from a social selling platform that already has a customer base?
  3. Develop your budget for creating your store
    • Will you need to hire a developer?
    • Will you need to hire a designer?
    • How much will marketing cost?
  4. Choose your e-commerce solution
    • Will you need a customizable solution that requires resources to create the store?
    • Does a solution like Cartisan work where you can create a store within minutes without outside resources?
  5. Create your store
  6. Connect your domain to your store
  7. Start selling


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