Collectibles are hot items to sell right now and this is being driven by online sales of sports collectibles. Have you tried to buy a pack of of sports cards in stores lately? It’s difficult to find them as people are buying them the day they arrive at the stores so many people are turning to online to find them.

If you’re looking to sell collectibles for the first time or if you’re looking to start selling them online, then this post is for you. Below are the steps you need to take to maximize your sales of collectibles online. In this post we assume that you have acquired the collectibles and know the value of each item and you’re ready to put them up for sale.

One of the first things to consider when looking to sell collectibles online is what your goal is for doing so. Often times the goal can just be to increase overall sales for your business. Though, if you have a physical store, one of your goals might be to drive more traffic into the store and increase your local community sales. Another goal may be to increase your brand awareness and create a stronger relationship with your customers. Your goals will influence which type of platform you choose to sell your products online.

There are two ways to sell collectibles online. You can sell them through an online auction like ebay, or for a fixed price through a platform like Cartisan. Or you may choose a hybrid approach and sell through both types of platforms.

Selling through an auction

Selling through an auction platform can yield higher prices per item which is appealing at first, but this can come at a cost. One of the costs is that your store and brand is often ignored in the process of the sale. Buyers are looking for a specific item and the auction platform is designed to get people to have more loyalty to the auction platform than the individual sellers through the platform. This will hamper your ability to get repeat sales from customers.

Another cost to selling through ebay is that you can incur costs before you ever sell a product and you’ll be facing intense competition while doing so. The minimum to create a storefront with ebay is $4.95 a month (at the time of writing this) plus you’ll have to pay insertion fees and final value fees on the products you list. This can eat into your profits quickly and erode the extra money you’ll potentially make through the auction format.

One of the advantages of selling through ebay is that you get their massive customer base that can discover your products once they are listed.

Selling through a platform or website

Selling directly through a platform or website has it’s pro and cons as well. One of the main advantages of selling through a website or e-commerce platform is that you have more control over your store and your relationships with your customers. This is because your business is at the forefront during the entire sales process.

Until recently, many online sellers chose to use platforms that allowed them to create a website to sell directly to customers. This allowed the sellers to have full control of their brands and relationships, but it also came with a downside, it’s very resource intensive to get started. Either you need to have the education and resources to design and setup the website yourself, or you need the money to pay someone to do it for you.

Once you create a website you now need to get buyers to visit your site and convert them into paying visitors. This again takes more resources before you ever make a sale.

At Cartisan we realized how resource intensive it is to create an online store and decided to remove the barriers so that sellers like you can sell your collectibles as quickly and as easily as possible. In just a few minutes you can start making money by setting up a store on Cartisan using just your smartphone. Create an account, add your products, and start selling. It’s that easy.

Cartisan doesn’t charge any fees to create your store and list your products. You don’t have to pay anything until you make a sale and Cartisan charges a very low fee.

On top of low seller fees and the ease of creating a store you’ll get access to the entire customer base that is buying through Cartisan’s social selling platform. That’s right, you get all the advantages of an existing customer base and the ability to sell directly to your customers and have your store at the forefront of the sale.

What are you waiting for? Download Cartisan now and start making money today!


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