Writing a great product description is one of the key elements in getting more sales and earning more money. It’s not difficult to write great product descriptions, but you do want to have some a few things in there that will take it from good to great.

A clear and descriptive first paragraph

When writing the first paragraph of your product description you want to make sure your customers will easily understand what your product is by the time they finish the first paragraph. One of the ways to do this is to use great descriptive words. You’ll also want to include who, what, when, where, and why in your description when it applies. In short, you’re describing the product so the person knows exactly what it is without seeing an image.

An example of a bad first paragraph:

T-shirt with a motorcycle on the front. Available in a few colors and a few sizes.

Example of a good first paragraph:

Stylish men’s, short-sleeved t-shirt with a black chopper motorcycle in front of a city skyline screen printed on the front. Made of soft, breathable cotton, this shirt is perfect to wear year around. Get this shirt in three different colors, royal blue, black, or white. Available in a range of sizes from Small to 3 XL.

Include searchable keywords

One of the keys to selling more products is having people find your products when they are searching for them. Make sure you have a good understanding of which terms people are using to search for products that you’re offering and include those terms into your product description. Feel free to use hashtags (#term) at the bottom of your description within Cartisan to help with search optimization.

Use clarifying bullet points

The entire product description doesn’t have to be in paragraph form. It’s often easier to convey product information with bullet points. Bullet point are really helpful with technical aspects of a product. They are also a great place to sneak in more searchable keywords.

Combine a great description that includes a clear first paragraph, searchable keywords, and clarifying bullet points along with great product photos and you’ll be on your way to increasing your sales and making more money.


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