Here we outline Cartisan vs Instagram eCommerce Shopping. While utilizing Instagram Shopping sounds like a great place to find new customers, the limitations and setup process is an awful experience.

Let alone you have to have a Facebook page, a verified domain, and be in an approved category. So if you do end up making the cut, your next lineup of hoops will be to spend time posting and cultivating an audience and hoping the IG algorithms don’t shove you to the side.

With all that considered – Here is where Cartisan takes the cake!

What is Cartisan? 

Cartisan is a new eCommerce app for sellers to easily pic, price, and post their goods hassle-free. Cartisan is simple eCommerce.

Anyone who wants to have an eCommerce store and sell any item, as long as it is legal, can create an eCommerce store on Cartisan in under 15 minutes.

You don’t need a website, a domain, or a Facebook page. All you need to start selling on Cartisan is a smartphone and a bank account to get paid. 

Say goodbye to the overzealous guidelines and algorithms of Instagram and the Meta monster stealing your data.

Get Cartisan. We won’t waste your time, and we won’t sell your data.

And here is the best news yet: Low Cost! 


Instagram selling fee is 5% per shipment or a flat fee of $0.40 for shipments of $8.00 or less.

Cartisan selling fee is only 2% per order!


Now let’s get into the details.

Which is better Cartisan vs. Instagram?

The question plaguing a lot of entrepreneurs, artisans, and creators is, “Which is better—Instagram or Cartisan?”  This post highlights the differences between each platform’s pros and cons. 

If you qualify for Instagram shopping and have an audience there, utilizing both platforms is great for your marketing strategy and store visibility. 

Having all your virtual activity happen on one platform, which is what Instagram has tried to provide, is a double edge sword and creators agree.

The Thing About Instagram

Since everyone is already on Instagram, selling your products on there can be convenient with a direct connection to a ready market without having to move to another interface to complete a purchase.

However, the majority of Instagram users will tell you that they don’t get on Instagram with the intention of buying stuff. People enjoy the platform for entertainment value. Many users of the platform report feeling annoyed with Instagram trying to be everything to everyone and wish it could go back to the simple days of picture grids showcasing moments in time.

Setting up a Shop on Instagram

My personal experience attempting to set up an Instagram shop was very discouraging, and I ended up at a dead end with FB customer service telling me I needed to change admin access on an old FB account that was deleted long ago. The whole situation was messy and never got resolved, so I ended up having to rebuild a new account, losing all my followers. 

Although that is not everyone’s experience, the difficulty with Instagram shopping is you have to have a Facebook page linked to your account, a verified domain, have proof of followers, and be in a verified category, which they are strict about. Furthermore, if you use the IG checkout feature, then you pay 5% on each sale, and you lose out on valuable customer data because all communications are handled by Instagram rather than you as the direct seller.

Setting up Shop on Cartisan

It took me less than 15 minutes to pop up a shop on Cartisan. 

Anyone with a smartphone and a bank account can download the app for free, create an account, and connect their bank to Stripe to receive payments. Once you get through the setup, take a picture, price, and post! 

Boom – You have a virtual shop without needing to link to a domain, wait for approval, or cross between other channels and platforms. When you make a sale, a 2% convenience fee goes to Cartisan, and Stripe has a separate payment processing fee of 2.9% + $0.35 per order.

Pros Of Selling On Instagram

If you are trying to grow your sales and brand visibility, it’s worth selling on BOTH Cartisan and Instagram, as it will give you maximum exposure to potential customers. Instagram has a massive audience, and people spend a lot of time on the platform. This works in your favor as a seller trying to build your audience and make sales.

Pros of Selling on Cartisan

Cartisan brings you a direct, simple, and fast eCommerce solution. You can set up a virtual shop in 15 minutes without needing a domain or website skills. As long as what you’re selling is legal, Cartisan is an open marketplace for any maker or shop owner to sell online. Easily share your shop across all your social channels or in-person events with a QR code so people can see what’s in your store. Buyers on Cartisan can search and discover products through hashtags. Easy navigation helps shoppers find your product and introduces you to a brand-new audience of people ready to shop.

Instagram Customer Engagement

On Instagram, your brand or shop presence is built on content, and you can utilize influencers to boost sales and engagement. Real-time customer engagement creates authenticity and trust and can inspire sales. Newcomers who discover you can get a good picture of who and what your brand represents through your social presence. 

Cartisan Customer Engagement

On Cartisan, users can follow shops they like, and buyers and sellers can communicate via direct messages or by commenting on posts. The big difference is that Cartisan operates as an eCommerce platform, not a social media platform.

Instagram Checkout

Shop and checkout on Instagram without leaving the app. Instagram selling fee is 5% per shipment or a flat fee of $0.40 for shipments of $8.00 or less. However, once your customer checks out, Instagram takes over all communications, and you miss out on customer data and personalizing your customer’s post-purchase journey.

Cartisan Checkout

Cartisan offers customers a complete shopping experience all in one place. Browse shops, search for unique products, and checkout in the app. Cartisan has a 2% seller fee, and Stripe has a payment processing fee of 2.9% + $0.35 per order. You receive your customer’s data when they make a purchase. You can engage with your customers after they complete their transaction to send them a personalized thank you message.

Mobile Optimization

Most people are glued to their phones nowadays, so mobile optimization is extremely important for any online platform. Cartisan brings you a simple selling and shopping experience on your mobile device. Both Cartisan and Instagram are mobile apps with easy-to-navigate interfaces.

Cons Of Selling On Instagram

Since Instagram is a social media platform, it has limited eCommerce capabilities, which might hamper businesses that wish to scale. Instagram restricts people from selling products like health supplements and food on their platform.

Cons of Selling on Cartisan 

Cartisan is still a new app, so it has a smaller audience size than Instagram. Cartisan has yet to offer supplemental features to sellers, like analytics and abandoned cart features. 

Easy Maintenance

Thanks to its simple design and integrated payment processing through Stripe, Cartisan makes it easy to maintain a virtual store. All you need to focus on is fulfilling orders that come in and responding to customer messages. 

Which Is Better, Instagram or Cartisan?

Both Instagram and Cartisan have their pros and cons. Selling on both is a good way to maximize your reach.

Although Instagram has a large audience, its sole focus is not on eCommerce. Instagram requires you have a FB page, a verified domain, and meet their product guidelines. 

Cartisan eliminates all the obstacles of having a virtual shop. Simply sign up, connect your bank  and post your products in less than 15 minutes; no website experience needed.

We think utilizing both platforms is a great way to grow your business.

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