Do you have student events that you need an online store for? Cartisan makes it super easy to sell online and allow people to pick up the items of have them delivered.

Are you a member of any student organizations, clubs, fraternities, or sororities? If so, you know that these organizations often host student events and sell a variety of swag and merchandise to raise money and for good memories. Now with Cartisan the organization hosting the student event can create an online pop-up store or permanent store in just a few minutes to sell their merchandise.

Why should an organization sell merchandise online for student events? First off, it makes it super easy for people to pre-purchase the merchandise before the event and can boost sales since people can share the online store with their friends and fellow students. Second off, by creating a permanent store, the organization can continue to sell merchandise well after the event to people that weren’t able to buy earlier. And since Cartisan doesn’t charge any fees to keep your products listed, why not?

Besides not having any fees to create an online store on Cartisan, we also only charge a small fee once a sale it made.

To create a store you’ll just need to download the Cartisan app, create an account, create a Stripe account, and then add your products. This can all be done withing 10 minutes.

What are you waiting for? Create your free Cartisan store today for your student event!

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