Student entrepreneurship is a great way for students to learn business skills and make money at the same time. These skills can lead to continued entrepreneurship and translate into success in the workplace. Since the invention of the internet it has been even easier for students to start and run businesses while attending school. Most colleges today have entrepreneurship programs and support for student entrepreneurs.

One of the most popular student businesses is retail sales. Students are aware of what the student body needs and is lacking and the business minded students often find a way to fill that gap. Cartisan now makes it even easier for student sellers to reach their audience, both locally at the school and elsewhere.

Cartisan is built with social selling as a forefront of the product and only requires a smartphone to create an online store and manage it. This lines up perfectly with how students interact with their friends and classmates through social media.

Students can have their free Cartisan store setup within just a few minutes and start selling immediately. It’s a great option for students who want to have a continual business or as a temporary store for events and student functions.

Here are examples of some types of stores a student can create with Cartisan:

  1. T-shirt and apparel store
  2. Reselling business
  3. Sneakerhead store
  4. Art store – curate student art and sell it
  5. Jewelry store
  6. Baseball card, comic book, and collectibles store
  7. Electronics store
  8. Specialty foods store

If you’re a student or know one that would like to create a business, have them download the Cartisan app and get started for free today!


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